Survey of Bowen Therapists Sept 2006


In September 2006, we sent out an electronic survey to members on e-mail, asking three short questions to do with the consultation and regulation. We received 365 responses, and the results were:


1 Did you respond to the consultation?

  Yes 27%
  No 73%



2 If not, why not?

  I couldn’t download it 20%
  I didn’t understand it 7%
  I didn’t have time 41%
  I wasn’t interested 3%
  Other (most said that they didn’t know about it) 29%





3 General views on regulation

  I think Bowen should join a federal body 51%
  I think Bowen should set up its own regulatory body 40%
  I don’t think that therapies should be regulated 3%
  Other (mostly undecided) 6%






[Survey Sept. 2006]
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