2005 Bowen Forum AGM and Launch

The Bowen Forum’s first AGM was held on Saturday 26 November 2005, at 3.30pm, at Hatton Village Hall in Warwickshire, and was preceded by a Launch seminar to publicise the work of the Forum. The aim of the seminar was to give therapists the opportunity to ask questions, discuss any concerns about the regulation process and its implications, and celebrate the chance to take an active and valuable role in the future of Bowen. In the early afternoon, a number of small workshops gave attendees the chance to discuss particular issues in smaller groups.

The minutes from the day are attached:

[Launch minutes]

[Forum presentation]

[PFIH Presentation]

[Workshop minutes]

[AGM minutes]

[Bowen Forum 2004 Accounts]

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[2005 AGM and launch]
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